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(Chapters 3-6)

Postby The_Intruder » Sun Oct 26, 2003 1:57 pm

Dreamcast version Review:Image

Gameplay: QTE are cool...But the realtime gameplay is not that much rewarded...8.9
Graphics: very good detail characters...beautiful Atmosphere...Since I love watching and exploring Guilin so much I'll give it a 10 :D

Sound: Music and voice acting was excellent..! one of the best music score in a videogame ever made! 10
Story: The story continuously unfolds, much like a series, Best storyline ever told in a Video Game!!! 10- 10- 10 -10-10-

Final Score: 9.9...If the Gameplay was much more rewarded, i would give it a 10...But they need to work more on the realtime fighting engine!

Shenmue 2 is an incredible game look>> :twisted:Image
"Shenmue II reveals the true scope that the series encompasses and how this story is still just beginning. If it continues to be composed of ambitious, engrossing and entertaining titles like Shenmue II, Yu Suzuki's legacy may be best remembered for the Shenmue series."
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Postby ShOzO MiZuKi » Thu Nov 27, 2003 11:25 pm

i give it a 9.8 out of 10
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Postby Ódinn » Wed Dec 03, 2003 1:01 pm

I give it the same as shozo mizuki. :)

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Postby SpikyAd » Fri Dec 12, 2003 5:36 am

Actually, I've changed my mind. I give it a 10/10 the more you play it, the more fun it gets. goaliefrk, I don't think finding Ren is boring, and I don't think any of us do here man.
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Postby TAILS » Wed Dec 24, 2003 8:39 am

Gamelpay 10/10
Once you start this game you cant put it away.The gameplay holds you in because of the action like fights,people,andthe locations

Ghraphics 9/10
The graphics are great,but why dosent ryo get a bruise once in a while.The buildings have the perfect texture and many of them play roles in the game

Sound 10/10
The voices sound realistic and suite each character.The music also sutes its area

overall 99.9
Shenmue III coming soon,or so we thought.
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Postby Tarcka » Thu Feb 19, 2004 4:51 pm

Shenmue II is just great! Damn I can't play the Shenmue 1... But: (Shenmue II Xbox -version)

Gameplay: Great Great Great! Everything is great, but controlling Ryo isn't so good... Controller is not in good use. So, there IS actually something bad.

Graphics: Awesome! Not so great, what they could be on Xbox, but because the game is made for Dreamcast, I just can say Whow! Characters may not have such high polygon-level and stuff like in some other games, but the athmosphere! Just great!

Sound and music: Well, souds are difficult subject in this game. Haven't hear the Japanese voice-acting, but English is fine, not very good, not bad, it's fine. Other soundeffects are the weak link in this game. They aren't so good. But the absolutely fantastic music saves lot of the bad sounds. So, the music is great, it creates every moment the right athmosphere. Beautiful!

So, overall, I would give 9.8 or 9.9. There are some bad things, so the game isn't perfect, but because other things in the game is made so good, bad things really doesn't disturb. So, this game is on my top-three best-games list.
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Postby DKMatt » Mon Mar 08, 2004 4:42 pm

Having played both Shenmue 2 and Shenmue 2x , i have to say that they're both different enough to warrant the purchase of both (not that you guys here need convincing of that). Personally i think i prefer the voice acting of the dreamcast version rather than the english dub, but its a minor detail

You have to admire a game that still provides new things to uncover despite how many times you play it. The down side is its very time consuming, and is not a pick up and play kinda thing (though with the arcades included you could argue otherwise) which is why its not for everyone. If you have the time though you really do get sucked into the Shenmue world, and it'll be a shame if this is where the series gets left

I suppose nothing much new has been said here than in the others...but i had to give a quick opinion of it before i play through the series from the beginning again..
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Postby Tomc2488 » Sat Mar 20, 2004 1:05 pm

10 out of 10 definitley. Superb game throughout.
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Postby Nightmare12 » Sat Mar 27, 2004 1:57 pm

excellent game 1 of my top ten favorite games ever however. i did find it a bit short. i bought it on ebay and i beat it the same day. did anyone else find it short?
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Postby Supa » Sun Apr 11, 2004 2:03 am

all i have is both get a 10/10
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Postby Kenny » Thu Nov 04, 2004 4:36 am

|---[kensuke's review]---|
___Shenmue II____

_Shenmue II was one of the three games I really wanted for the XBOX (DOA3 and Jet Set Radio Future being the other two), no other games (not even Halo) could interest me in the massive experience that was awating in that tiny package.
True, I never got to play the PAL version, but soon it became apparent that the long wait for the XBOX version was defidently worth it.

_I keep hearing that the graphics look too "Dreamcast"-y, supposenly said in a negative tone. Personally, they look more vivid and colourful than any other game i've ever played on the 'BOX. Granted, the character and NPC models lack articulation and expression (in a few cases, detail), but that's pretty much all I see that really stands out.

_The environments are huge and shickingly well detailed compared to the models. The atrtists of the game should give themselves a pat on the back for making an artificial sunet and nightfall so beautiful. At night, many lights and illuminate signs enhance the feel that you're alone in a bright and vivid foriegn country.
Cutscenes look absolutely gorgeous, very impressive in-game sequences since i've seen Starfox Adventures for the Nintendo Gamecube. All the shading and lighting are executed very well to give the game a very authentic look.

_Plus impressive effects like the filters add in to the "1980"s look and feel, you can really believe this story took place awhile ago. Other effects like the motion blur can either be medicore or fit in really well depending on which part of the game you're talking about.

_I hate to break it to you folks, but the sound department here is what I think broke the game. In any modern story driven game, voicework is EXTREMELY important. It enhances the story being told and makes the player more attached to the character's personality more.
_Eidos's Omikron the Nomad Soul is in the same vein as Shenmue in terms of investigaion and in-game fighting, yet what made that game a HUGE cult favorite was the story and its voice acting. Let's concentrate on voiceacting for now.


|(ENGLISH)|: Shenmue II's voicework is on the very thin line of being horrible to mediocre, unfortunatley. While some voices (few provided by the same voice actors/actresses), like Ren and Xiuying, are near superb, it's voices like Corey Marshall's job on Ryo that overwhealm it. This makes the overall package stink.
_It was more like most were just reading from the script rather than take it to heart and give expression to the character. Alot of professional voice actors can say long lines in incredibly short 3-5 second synchs and STILL make the lines sound good, it's talent that was lacking here.
_Had there seriously been more experienced, top notch voiceactors here, the experience would've been worth 'while for many. They had a few great talents (most from the first game) it wasn't enogh to justify the situtation especially considering the large budget for the game.

|(JAPANESE)|: Now, I haven't heard much of the Japanese dialouge, but from what I was pretty dern good. Granted, it sounded a tad goofy at times. But it sure as hell beats the "Domo-Arrigato-Mr.-Roboto" Americanized voiceacting.


_Also, I have mixed feelings with the music as well. Some tracks are incredibly catchy and memorable from the first, their sweet melodies fill the streets of Hong Kong with drama, excitement, and overall fun-filled times. What dissappointed me was that a majority of the tracks were downright annoying. Here are the sections of the game I found the songs good and downright annoying:

|-The music in this part of the game is wonderful! Wonderful Chinese melodies that are soothing and welcoming are abundant in this part of the game. My favorite tracks are "Queen's Street Day (day&night)", "Warehouse F", and "Fortune's Pier (day)".

The tracks I think were ear-bleeding were "Worker's Pier Day (daytime)", "Pigeon Cafe", and "General Store".

|-Honestly, when I got to Wai-Chai, the only music I really enjoyed here were from Scarlett Hills and the Golden/Wiseman's Quarter. The rest of the music everywhere else relied heavily on high strung notes too often.
_True, chinese fiddles have rather high pitches, but not as high as the pitches I hear here in this part of the game. Plus the background sounds, bells and drums, were also deaf-tone high. I couldn't stand playing this on normal volume setting.

Other songs sound rather dull when not super high pitched like "Da Yuan Apartments", which I knew could've sounded alot more interesting.

|-Alot of the music here is probably the most annoying and very dull to say the least.

_"Stand Quarter (day&night)" comes close to sounding great, it describes the city's mysterious and vivd mood.

|-Possibly the most enjoyable music in the game. Shenhua's pretty voicework works well when she sings the Shenmue theme song. And all ther other parts of the game are nice and cherry, often surreal when you're chasing her and when you reach her house. THUMBS WAAAAY UP!

_Favorite Tracks: "Guilin In-game 3", "Guilin In-game 5", and "The Shenmue Tree 1"

|- I will NOT lie. The story seems clichéd at first. For ANYONE who's seen almost ANY Martial Arts film, this is not a surprize where it was derived from. It's typical in alot of Martial Arts film for the son or mentoree to avenge the death of his father/mentor, and one would think, "Well, what's the point? I already know how it's gonna end...".
AAAH! But that's just it! That's the beauty of Shenmue, the story is actually FAR from clichéd. This is apparent for anyone who finished Shenmue II....
Basically, it starts off with Ryo Hazuki going off to avange the death of his dead daddy in "Part I". On the way, he encounters various enemies and bosses (along with a vast array of friends) and explores the city to find more clues about the mystery. Ryo leaves Japan

In Chapter II, he's not looking for a specific person who might know the answers to why his dad had to die and the purpose of this "Pheonix Mirrior" that he got in his Dojo home. From there on, it's one helleva adventure......

_So basically, the story is hella better this time around. Shorter than mediocre voiceacting sorta kills the experience, but the story still manages to really impress in many different levels despite this setback.
_Considering you're on a moderate pace, it's one of the most edge-of-your-seat experiences i've ever felt so far in a story-based game. As the story progresses, the game gets alot more interesting. Soon enough, you can NOT finish until you reach the end.

_The controls can be irritading at times. A saving grace it that they seem alot more loose compared to the original.
_Reccomended with the CONTROLLER-S, of course.

_What can I say? THIS is what the series is best known for out of all. QTE and Fights are the best additions to the game and are also the most fun. In addition, you can replay the mini-games and fights/challeneges form the main menu at your own will! YEAH!

_The little mini-"chores", like book fetching and moving crates, are a little less exciting. But still, mini-games are mini-games. They don't come as often anyway during the course of the game.

_Loading times are hardly a problem on the XBOX. They're a hassle on the main menu when loading a mini-game or fight, but during the game it's mostly adequate.

_Freely exploring the world and progressing through the story are truely awesome experiences.

_Truely one of the most rewarding experiences i've ever had, but not without setbacks. True, it's not the best game in the world nor is it the worse. In fact, Shenmue II is a one-of-a-kind experience for people with the patience to play it.

While not for everyone, impressive improvements and enhancements (also including the Shenmue I:Movie DVD!) from the original release are defidently an indication that the series is progressing at a steady pace, with possible hope that more gamers will get into the surreal experience and long-journey saga in the epic quest to find Lan Di.
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Postby WolfsLoveRage » Sat Dec 25, 2004 9:14 pm

I would give Shenmue 1 a 10/10 and Shemnue 2 a 9/10. The reason why I gave part 2 a 9/10 because some parts were extroadinarly long and boring. I would also like more in choices of what you can say to people, not just the order in which you ask. (A Fable type of game play would work perfect for Shemnue I would think.) And why did every oen help you find where you had to go. I found that to be too much of an unreal help item. But besides those parts a great game. Just wish there was a part 3.
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Postby Martin » Sun Jan 23, 2005 7:37 pm

Shenmue II [Xbox] [Also available on Dreamcast]
Review by Oni-Ninja

It's always tough knowing where to start with a review. But with a game as massive and unique as Shenmue II, it's all the more difficult. So I'll start where you, as gamers, must start. Shenmue II on Xbox comes packaged with a DVD of the first game. This DVD will play on any DVD player, and is made up of all the cut-scenes and story elements from the first game. It simply must be watched before you put in the Shenmue II game disc. Knowing the first game's plot is essential to fully enjoying the second. The DVD runs for ninety minutes, and is very nearly everything from the first game. This is probably the best way to experiance the first Shenmue, as it was a very slow paced game, outlining Ryo's character and the initial storyline. Which is how all good books start.

The Shenmue story, believe it or not, was written as a book by series creator Yu Suzuki. A sisxteen-chapter book. The first Shenmue was the very beginning of the book, and only represents chapter one of the book. Shenmue II represents chapters three to six of the book. Chapter two was written, but was never meant to be included in the final game. Thus, you can already see Shenmue II is massive compared to it's predesessor.

Revenge is sweet...

The original Shenmue, is set in Yokosuka, Japan, in the year 1986. It (the DVD for the Xbox version) starts off with Ryo (the main character) returning home one day to find a strange black car parked outside his family home, he finds his father in the dojo (which is in their house) confronting a mysterious man in a dark green guilded robe, the man (named Lan Di) demands Ryo's father to give him the 'mirror'. Iwao (Ryo's father) refuses, and the two men do battle. They are clearly both martial artists, but Lan Di easily triumphs over Ryo's father.

Iwao lays broken on the floor, but still won't give the intruder the mirror. Lan Di picks up Ryo with one arm and is just about to kill him when Iwao (obviously not wanting his son to die) gives in and hands over the mirror. The mirror is a made from magnifiscant green stone, with a beautiful dragon design carved upon it. Lan Di then says to Iwoa- "Do you remember Zhao Sun Ming?" pauses for a moment then continues "That is the name of the man you killed in Munswun" pauses for one last time, and finally says "Get up, I'll alow you to die like a warrior..."


What follows is a short but dramatic kung fu scene between the two men. Lan Di quickly despatches Iwao with one swift move and fatally wounds him. With that, Lan Di and his thugs leave the dojo and the Hazuki family home. Iwoa dies in Ryo's arms.

Ryo wakes up a few days later, and vows to find his father's killer (Lan Di) and take revenge. But the things Lan Di said have made the whole situation into abit of a puzzle- What was that strange mirror? Ryo had never seen it before, Iwoa had never spoken of it. Who was Zhao Sun Ming? And did your father really kill him? Munswun?? Your father never once even mentioned that he had been to China. A letter then arrives. It is written in Chinese, it is from a man named Yuanda Zhu and is addressed to Iwoa. Unfortunatly, Ryo does not speak or read Chinese.

And that's it, the opening cut-scene of the first Shenmue game. It's your job to try and piece together the puzzle and find Lan Di. It might not sound an amazing story yet, but trust me- by the end of the second game, the storyline has taken you to some amazing places, introduced some awsome characters and the secret of the mirror is finally revealed. Their are brilliant twists and turns.

I won't spoil the rest of the story for you, watch the DVD to find out everything that happened in the first game. The end of Shenmue sees Ryo setting off on a boat to Hong Kong (China) to track down Lan Di.

(We know the story) Morning glory...

Shenmue II starts right where the first game finishes, with Ryo arriving in Hong Kong harbour. Without so much as his bag, his clothes, and a little money, the rest is up to you. The first thing that hits you when you begin to play Shemue II is the graphics. Awsome. Just awsome. The attention to detail is astounding.


Apparently the team that made the game (AM2 of SEGA) went to all the areas featured in the game (they are all real-world locales) and took thousands of photographs, made detailed diagrams, and put it into the game, more or less faithfully. It really shows. I don't know for sure (only people in Hong Kong would know), but it really does look like Hong Kong. With all the right details for the period. There's Union Jacks in the masts of a posh hotel (we owned Hong Kong back then), there's highstreets, shops, apartments, plush nice areas of the city, gritty run down areas, arcades (where you can actually play the games!!), cafe's, restaurants. You name it, it's all there.

Also, the NPC's (non-player-characters, basically every other character in the game apart from Ryo) aren't your regular kettle of fish either. They don't just stand their, doing the same thing, day and night. Every single NPC (and there are over 1,000 unique NPC's!!) has their own lives. They go to the park, they go shopping, they go to work and all that kind of stuff. If you wanted to, you could pick one NPC and stalk them, day and night for a week (a week in the game) until you knew their whole routine. So if you ever had to find them, you could look at the time of day, what day it is, and know where they probably are in Hong Kong. The invironment of the Shenmue games is like a massive clockwork village.

The weather in the game is real aswell. Sometimes it rains, sometimes it's cloudy, sometimes it's sunny, etc. Unfortunatly, you don't get to see this as much in the second game, as it is set in the spring of 1987 (it took Ryo like, six months or so to get through the first game), so it's usually just sunny in Shenmue II.


The fact that this game is actually little more than a port of a Dreamcast game, makes all this even more amazing, and is a testament to the Dreamcast's power. The graphics are generally a little better in the Xbox version. Namely a solid framerate, and better lighting effects. There are some graphical inconsistancies in the Xbox version; a few missing details and a glitch here and there that wasn't present in the Dreamcast original. Nothing that most would even notice, though. Some of the NPC's character models are a little blocky (a remnent of it's Dreamcast heretige), but other than that, it's a beautiful experiance from start to finish.

The sound of music, and bad acting...

The soundtrack to the game is truly beautiful. Some of the best music I've ever heard in a game, it suits the mood (at any given point) perfectly. It's mostly a sweeping orchestral sountracks, with a few other bits and pieces.

Sadly, the same can't be said about the english dubbing in the game, it sounds kinda cheap. It sounds like the dubbing in one of those old kung fu movies. Some like it, I prefer the original japanese voices of the Dreamcast version (I played with subtitles on). Frankly the acting just sounded a whole lot better, and alot more like you where in the far east. But whatever, it certainly doesn't ruin the experiance. Though I must say, the actor who voices Ren has done a sterling job. Ren's english voice is superb. It's a shame the rest of the voices just do there job, nothing special.

Definitely maybe...

The gameplay basically involves you going around asking the locals questions. So say you're asking people where something is, they might say (this is an example) "I don't know, but Mr. Wiyung does" so the next time you speak to someone, Ryo won't ask where the place is, he'll ask where he can find Mr. Wiyung. Eventually you will find the person you're looking for, they'll give you some information, then you're back to asking people about that information. Ryo always asks about his latest lead.

To put it simply, half of the gameplay is detective work. The other half is working (Ryo needs money for lodgings since he's not at home in Japan anymore), performing tasks for people, fighting, QTE and other bits and pieces.

The fighting in the game is great. It's been taken straight from Virtua Fighter and modified slighly. It was modofied because often you're facing multiple foes at once (not often one on one like in Virtua Fighter). It works quite well, but the camera can sometimes be annoying. It tends to focus in Ryu to much and doesn't follow your enemies very well. But you'll get over that. Fighting is still a blast, you'll love it. You get better at your moves the more you do them too (this is an RPG, you know!).


It's not all fighting, being a detective and working, though. There's lots of great little extras! Like toy capsule machines (which get very addictive) for one. There are hundreds of unique toys to collect (if you desire to do so, you don't have to). Each of them are characters or objects from past Sega games! Some of them are extremely rare and hard to find. The Super Sonic toy is a bastard to get hold of! There's fruit machines to have a go on, their's gambling, street fighting (fighting for money, not just fighting), darts and even arcade machines to play on! Mosey on down to the Pine Arcade in the Golden Qr. of Wan Chai (in Shenmue II) and you'll find some arcade classics. All are genuine Sega arcade games from the period. You've got Hang On, Space Harrier, Afterburner II and OutRun. There are other ones like a boxing game.

QTE stands for Quick Timer Event. They are basically scripted evens in which all you have to do is press a button when it flashes up on the screen. They are usually part of the storyline. One part in Shenmue II (don't worry I'm not telling you much) sees you chasing a thief who has stolen your bag. It turns into a QTE. So, he might knock over a stack of crates in an effort to stop you running after him. You might have to press A to jump over the crates. It'll only flash on the screen for a split second, and you have to press it before it dissapears. It's all about timing. If you fail then you will have to track the thief down (which will waste alot of time). If you complete the QTE you will catch him and take your bag back. They're not that difficult to begin with, but QTE's later on in the game are rock hard!

Which brings me to the time in the game. The game is real time. Night turns to day, monday to tuesday, so on and so forth. It is actually speeded up real time. An hour on the game clock (which is always in the top right of the screen) equals about five or ten minutes in the real world. So progressing a day in the game won't actually take you a day, it'll take you an hour or so. Not wasting too much time is important. If you take too long to complete the game you get a bad ending.

As I've already mentioned, Shenmue II is massive. It took me two weeks to finish, and I was playing it constantly, every day, day and night. Stopping only to eat and sleep. You go to other parts of China, aswell. It's not all set in Hong Kong. I'm not telling you where though! You'll have to find out for yourself...

Insignificant to millions...

Skip this part if you must, as the review is finished. This is just something that needs to be said.

There are fears about the future of the series. Shenmue is the most expensive game ever created (at over $70,000,000, including Shenmue II), and took eight years to make!! You even get a video of a Saturn version of Shenmue (it was originally meant for the Saturn, but was moved to Dreamcast because it was taking so long to make) when you complete the game! Despite costing so much money, and more to the point- being one of the greatest games ever, Shenmue bombed at retail.

The game was a commercial flop. People had never played a game like this before. Shenmue is totally unique. The only game that even comes close to it is Morrowind (but even that's twice removed). It doesn't even fit into the genre of RPG, really. This has been cited as the reason for it's downfall. It recieved rave reviews, but to no avail. Narrow-minded punters just weren't prepared to spend money on the game, it was just too unique.


Sega then pinned their hopes on the second game, because by then the public was more familier with Shenmue. But it was not to be. Sega have said that the future of Shenmue (Shenmue III) lies on how well the XBox version of Shenmue II sells. To date, sales have been dissapointing. So as things are right now, a third game (to finish off the storyline) is unlikely. Not impossible, but unlikely. Which is a damn shame. Gaming pieces of shit like the once-a-year 'update' of FIFA set the charts alight, while epic gaming masterpieces like Shenmue get overlooked.

Get Shenmue II. By the time you finish it, you will consider it to be one of the greatest games you've ever played.

Score - 10/10

That's a review that I did some time ago, when I was staff at (that site died a while ago now), and I reproduce it here, with some alterations. Firstly, on AG I had to use the out of 100% ratings system, which I hate, so I've gone for the superior 'out of ten' system, here. That's about the only change, though. I stand by the review. I think it's one of my best reviews, ever.
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Postby Ali » Thu Apr 14, 2005 1:02 am


One of the best games i have played.

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Postby Terra Ryzing » Mon Jul 11, 2005 4:12 pm

I could easily give this game a 10/10. It's so incredibly immersive, and straight up addicting. I could just wander around and admire the detail and talk to pretty much every single shop owner or bartender.

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