Shenmue Dojo recruitment - we need YU!

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Shenmue Dojo recruitment - we need YU!

Postby Peter » Sat Apr 14, 2018 1:43 pm

As Shenmue grows, we also grow, and as much as i love being hands on across all and everything Shenmue Dojo related, its just not possible due to the amount of outlets we have. Site, forums, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, Instagram.... Its a lot of work!
This site has always been a fan ran site, and as we are on the cusp of Shenmue 1 & 2 HD as well as Shenmue 3 being released, we need more dedicated fans to help make sure the site remains at the forefront of delivering fans the most up to date content and news across all of our platforms. Whilst i and others will be working on a new site, the forums will also be upgraded along the way and those are also well staffed. Twitter and Instagram is also pretty much covered by both myself and great help from Team Yu and Shenmue Forever, but there are key areas which we could greatly use help with!

Facebook page updates

The facebook page has over 5000 members and despite the occasional adding of articles from various other community outlets from around the community, we need someone to help bring the page up to date, with posting, linking or sharing articles related to Shenmue. This can cover a wide variety of content, from news articles in the media, updated information from within the community, additions to our other outlets such as videos, images etc, and to actively encourage overall participation.

Youtube page ... kYanOfmRoQ?

The last Youtube page associated with the Dojo was not owned by us,no longer has any association with the site, and we wish the owner all the best. The building of a new page that is owned and representative of us is a daunting task, but still one that is needed.
The purpose of our own Youtube Channel will be different to the previous one, in that its primary function is to offer a collection of all the great video content and media offered up by fans of the series. From our own entire community's efforts of podcasts and news videos, to the wider fans creation of retrospective videos, lets plays, music remixes and modding efforts. We need someone who is willing and able to donate their time to help build this outlet. Creating various playlists of specific types of content, and sectioning them off. Staying up to date with Shenmue content added to Youtube and add them accordingly. It takes the individuals search efforts out of the question, and with a visit to our channel, will have all new daily/weekly Shenmue videos added, ready and waiting.

A key principle of this new channel is that all content that is NOT created by anyone from the Shenmue Dojo, stays that way. User videos may be added to playlists on our channel, but the video clicked and watched my the viewer will take them to the original creators video. This gives the original user the view, like, credit and recognition they deserve for their efforts. We will not be ripping any videos and "re-uploading" them, and posting a link to the original creators video. Whats a creators content, should stay a creators content.

Twitch Channel.

The Twitch Channel begun just over a year ago and currently has over 1000 followers. Whilst in the past, we would have had one person streaming playing Shenmue related games in the past, i would love for the streamer pool to gorw, and have multiple themed shows throughout the week. Shenmue 1 playthroughs, Shenmue 2 playthroughs, Yu Suzuki games, Sega games, specia events etc. Its a fun experience for both the streamer and the viewer! Theres now no better time to think about streaming Shenmue with 1 & 2 HD on the horizon, and with also simulcast streaming on the Youtube Channel, its a great way to get Shenmue out nto the publics eye.

If i have to do it myself like i have done in the past then i will, but with limited time it will be very hard to nail down a set schedule. Anyone who would like to try then let us know! There are prerequisites that will come with the channel though, such as using the same uniformed overlay, a camera must be needed as well as a microphone. There are plenty of streams out there with people just playing the game fullscreen with no visual or speech, and thats not what i want this channel to be. There needs to be character, flair, and an appeal for a viewer to tune in and watch. Brutal Moose and Cyberbear are examples.

Thats about it for now, so if anyone is willing to join the team, please drop me a PM! But for security reasons we will need to make sure you have various credentials, ie. social media account for verification. The positions will not be granted before checks are done to ensure they are not someone who would do harm to the site, which we have had issues with in then past 15 years.

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