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Postby NiGHTS 3:16 » Thu May 10, 2007 9:39 am

This whole Lan Di hiring Ren thing is rubbish.

For a start, Ren doesn't know Ryo better than anybody. The whole of their relationship is shown in Shenmue II, which is supposed to take about a month or something. Nozomi, Fuku-San, Ine-San and most of the people from Shenmue I know Ryo better than Ren.

Secondly, Lan Di doesn't care about Ryo. Ryo is after Lan Di- not the other way around. The only thing Lan Di wants from Ryo is the mirror and we don't even know if Lan Di is a aware that Ryo has it or even that Iwao had it.

Also, Lan Di hasn't seen any of his henchmen die. Ryo sure as Hell didn't kill Chai, Yuan or Dou Niu.

If the series continues, we'll be seeing more of Ren and I wouldn't bet against him betraying Ryo, but not because Lan Di wants Ryo dead.

If Lan Di did want Ryo dead, I don't think he'd be worried about getting caught. This is a major, major crime boss that we have already seen kill before. To say he's above the law would be an under-statement.
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