Future ideas for Shenmue PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO THIS

(Chapter 7 and beyond)

Re: Future ideas for Shenmue PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO THIS

Postby ShinChuck » Wed Jun 17, 2015 9:53 pm

ys wrote: Besides online racing maybe some kind of leaderboards for mini games? I don't care much but some do of course. Even if those boards often get hacked ;)

But yesterday I was thinking of an online market like in Shenmue I. It makes it easier to collect capsule toys, scrolls or other collectables and could maybe create a bit of a community feeling? Maybe some people could be more invested in the world instead of playing the game once and putting it aside?

Some features were really ahead of their time : http://guidesarchive.ign.com/guides/14499/passport.html

Yes! Passport! I was thinking about this the other day: I'd really like to see a return of the Passport feature. The tutorial explanations were a little throwaway and more just tech demos, and the movie and sound tests are obligatory, but the Passport spot itself? Unlocking VMU icons, checking the weather, trading cans for toys, leaderboards for the games, being able to read bios on EVERY character (loved that, so glad the physical guides preserved it), tips from Nozomi if your'e stuck, all sorts of stats on your gameplay... it was great!

Really hoping for a Passport for III.
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Re: Future ideas for Shenmue PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO THIS

Postby Kamikaze Kenny » Thu Jun 18, 2015 3:41 am

I didn't want to add anything to this topic originally. I thought it'd be best to leave it to Yu Suzuki.

But here goes.

The Shenmue series looked amazing when it first came out, but now looks dated. Even the Shenmue 3 demo, even though it's not indicative of the final game, didn't look anything special. The environment looked nice, sure, but there are games out there that are doing the same.

As such, I really think Shenmue 3 will lack the graphical "wow" factor that the original two had at the time.

I can think of three things that I'd really like from Shenmue 3:

1 - an emphasis on creating scenes that just scream "wow". Admittedly the Shenmue series has this already - when you first arrive in Kowloon, for instance, or watching Lan Di and Ryo's dad (can't remember his name) fight. They may not push massive amounts of polys but they look brilliant. I want to see rolling hills and mountains stretching into the distance as the sun peeks through, an ancient monastery on top of a snow-capped mountain, the dangling lanterns stretching over the streets.

2 - photo mode! Yes, it was available in the Xbox port of Shenmue 2, but only from Ryo's perspective. I want to be able to pause the game at any time, go into photo mode and be able to take a photo from anywhere within, say, a 100 metre radius of Ryo. I want to pause the game whilst I'm fighting, and instead of concentrating on the fight, go up to rooftop level and take a picture of the rooftops framed against the sky. Only problem I can foresee is that a few people may want to use it for upskirts.

3 - a graphical filter that tries to make everything look like a painted image. Maybe only put this on the photo mode (it'd probably be too intensive to do in-game all the time), but you can take a picture and apply this filter, with a few tweaks. Each time it slightly randomizes how it's generated so each picture is properly unique. Imagine taking a picture of a forest scene and then making it look painted.

I think some other people have mentioned being able to swap capsule toys online, which I think may be a good idea but... you'd have to do something in order to get it. Perhaps play some sort of mini-game and each person wager a toy. People can still donate toys to someone they know if they want.
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Re: Future ideas for Shenmue PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO THIS

Postby Hyo Razuki » Thu Jun 18, 2015 5:02 am

Loading Times when entering new areas or buildings are a must have! Nothing beats a screen like Hong Kong, Kowloon, Big Ox Building, Feb. 27, 1987 11:24 am (Thu).

Other than that, I don't really care and I personally seem to be a lot less worried than the rest of the people on this forum. Chill out, every one! It's the master himself at work and he's got the most important guys from his old crew aboard. What can possibly go wrong?!

Everything we accomplish through kickstarter now, is icing on the cake. Extra mini games, skill tree, expanded character perspective. It would be awesome if we reached that.

Maybe we can get Cantonese voice acting for Hong Kong locations, Mandarin (or some ethnic minority languages) for mainland China locations, and a dynamic currency system according to the actual real life exchange rate between the Hong Kong $ and the Chinese RMB on the respective date in 1987. ;-) :rotflmao:

No, just kidding. I'm just happy S3 is coming and Yu Suzuki is in charge. That's all I could EVER have asked for.
Yu Suzuki & Sega: Dream Makers (Getting it Done)
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