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Postby Sappharad » Thu May 31, 2018 8:58 pm

ShenmueTree wrote:
Sappharad wrote:
ShenmueTree wrote:Personally, I'd transliterate it further to something like "Uncle Ryo, you're here!" The reason is because in English, "Uncle" is a very common nickname for friends, as well as for those you are close to by proxy of other people. You don't have to actually be related to someone by blood or marriage to be someone's "Uncle."

No it isn't. Maybe in some non-US country, but I'm from the US and I've never heard this before ever. An uncle is your mother or father's brother. I've always thought "Uncle" was a Japanese thing, since whenever Hakura called Kiryu "Oji-san" in Japanese they localized it as "Uncle Kaz". It's definitely not something most people in the US would be familiar with, at least not in the midwest.

Yes it most definitely is. I am from the U.S as well and personally I've experienced it a lot. It might be a regional thing (East Coast) in the U.S but it is a thing. I'm from VA btw.

Also just to prove my point here are several forum posts pertaining to this and some reponses.

That's not the same thing though. Those examples are scenarios where it's used for long-time family friends. You're right, though, I have actually encountered situations like that. When I was a kid my grandparents always called some of their friends / neighbors who may or may not have been related to them as "aunt" or "uncle" so-and-so whenever the kids were around. It's not something I thought of when seeing it mentioned because, as most of your examples agree, it's reserved for people you or your family knows well.

It doesn't change the fact that it would be weird or awkward for a small child you've just recently met to start calling you uncle unless you already knew the child's parents. I still don't think uncle would be appropriate for the situation based on what we know.
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