Shenmue 3 development...

(Chapter 7 and beyond)

Postby Paul » Tue May 06, 2003 5:36 pm

Shotaro Kaneda wrote:welcome to the dojo! and we are all hoping they have something to show, however we are unsure, ask LanDC about it he'll be able to give you more info!

Yeah, ask LanDC, you'll feel better after after asking him as he believes we will see something more than anyone!
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"After Burner...Great!"
"After Burner...Great!"
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Postby ChaiOgawa » Tue May 06, 2003 5:39 pm

Of course we are going to see something :O

Postby Zimingshenmue » Tue May 06, 2003 7:09 pm

LanDC,if you see this please tell me why do you think that Shenmue 3 will be shown at looks that you're the right man to ask this.
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