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Postby Enigma » Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:15 pm

I believe only Jibby has mentioned this on another thread but felt it could do with a thread of its own if people wanted to get involved.

To celebrate the announcement of Shenmue HD, Sega have tweeted the hashtag #MyShenmue asking for fans to tweet them some selfies featuring their Shenmue game collection. If anyone has a Twitter account, maybe you could join in the fun and show Sega just how many of us rabid Shenmue fans there are!

Come on then, ladies and gents. Let's see some photos of you with your current copies of Shenmue to celebrate the upcoming release! #MyShenmue

Original tweet: https://twitter.com/SEGA/status/986479438593273856

That Sega is finally not ignoring interaction with Shenmue fans and are now participating with us freely as we celebrate is amazing to see. I wouldn't have thought such a thing would be possible five years ago.

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