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Shenmue I & II Achievement/Trophy Guide (WIP)

PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 6:35 am
by ShenGCH
Hello, everyone. I've just started writing an Achievement/Trophy guide for Shenmue I & II, going by the leaked Achievements list, so I thought I'd share its progress here. This guide will (hopefully) eventually be published in the game's 'Guides' category on Steam.

Any feedback and/or suggestions will be greatly appreciated :)

Re: Shenmue I & II Achievement/Trophy Guide (WIP)

PostPosted: Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:51 am
by ShenGCH
Completed the first draft of Shenmue's Achievements.

Feedback and suggestions are very welcome :)



These are in order of when they can be earned.


(MISSABLE) "Call Police"

This is the first possible Achievement to earn in the game. As soon as you gain control of Ryo for the first time, following the cutscene between Ryo and Ine-san outside his bedroom, turn to the left to find the phone sitting on a cabinet. Press [A] when the prompt appears and dial 110 to phone the police.

(MISSABLE) "Kitchen Flashback"

After attaining the "Call Police" Achievement, turn around and head down the hallway until you find the kitchen. Enter, approach the table, and zoom in on the food laid out. This will trigger the first flashback.

(MISSABLE) "Learn New Move"

There are two ways to learn moves in Shenmue: reading move scrolls and being taught by instructors. There are nine move scrolls (six of which can only be acquired by purchasing them from Bunkado Antiques in Dobuita) and eight instructions in total.

Move scrolls that can be found
Twin Blades – laundry basket behind Iwao's room

Shadow Reaper – Fuku-san's desk

Stab Armour – on a shelf in the Hazuki Dojo Basement (note: the scroll is written in Chinese, so it will have to be translated by Guizhang at a later point)

Move scrolls for sale
Rising Flash - ¥500
Mud Spider - ¥1000
Crawl Cyclone - ¥1000
Twin Swallow Leap - ¥1000
Tiger Storm - ¥2000
Arm Break Fire - ¥3000

Move instructions
Double Blow – provided you have already spoken to Tom, this move is taught by Yamagashi-san in Suzume park, in Dobuita, after 6:00pm

(Input: -> + XA)

Pit Blow – on the second day, head to the dojo to find Fuku-san attempting a move. He will ask Ryo to demonstrate the correct execution, which the player can accept or decline. Accept, obviously.

(Input: ->, X)

Swallow Dive – after your first full day of work, you will leave Alpha Trading Office and automatically enter a cutscene with Goro. After this cutscene, turn left and head in that direction until another cutscene is trigger, this time with Guizhang; he wishes to teach you a new move.

(Input: <-, A)

Shadow Step – provided you saved the homeless man from the bikers the previous day, the former will be hanging around the Harbour Lounge waiting to teach you this move after work.

(Input: ->, Y+B)

Shadow Strike – the day after learning Shadow Step, head to the Harbour Lounge to receive this instruction from the homeless man.

(Input: ->, Y+B, X)

Cross Charge – the day after learning Shadow Strike, head to the Harbour Lounge to receive your final instruction from the homeless man.

(Input: ->, ->, Y+B)

Tornado Kick – the day after rescuing Nozomi from the Mad Angels, Tom will invite Ryo to join him for lunch at midday. Before lunch, however, Tom wows Ryo with the Tornado Kick, which he offers to teach him.

(Input: ->, ->, A, A)

Swallow Flip – before Ryo boards the boat to head to Hong Kong, Master Chen will offer to teach Ryo this move.

(Input: ->+A, X)

After the kitchen flashback, leave the kitchen, turn right, and head all the way down to the end of the hallway. Enter the last door on the left, continue through the door directly ahead, turn left, and head to the end of the room where you will find a basket.

Open the basket to find the "Twin Blades" move scroll. Press [Y] to open the inventory, locate the move scroll, and press [A] to learn the move.

(MISSABLE) "Tree Flashback"

After leaving the house, turn left and head all the way down to the end of the garden until you arrive at the foot of a big tree. This will trigger the second flashback.

(MISSABLE) "Dojo Flashback"

After the cutscene with Fuku-san, turn around and head back into the dojo. Head to the wall on the far left and zoom in on the framed banner. This will trigger the third (and final) flashback.

(MISSABLE) "Help Lady Find House"

The first time you head down the T-junction in Sakuragaoka, a cutscene will initiate in which Ryo encounters an old lady who is having trouble finding her friend's house. Ryo offers to help, telling the old lady to wait for him in the park just up the road.

After the cutscene ends, turn around, head straight up the road to the house almost directly opposite the park (the one with the closed gate), zoom in on the little silver sign (which reads "Yamamoto") on the wall to the top-left of the gate, and press [A].

Once Ryo confirms this is the correct house, enter the park, approach the old lady sitting on a swing, and Ryo will escort her to her friend's house.

(MISSABLE) "Collect Capsule Toy"

There are six capsule toy machines located throughout the game; two in Sakuragaoka (outside Abe Store), two in Dobuita (outside You Arcade), and two at the Harbour (inside the Harbour Lounge). Purchasing a toy from any of these machines will count towards the Achievement.

Capsule toys cost ¥100 each, so be mindful as Ryo begins the game with just ¥10,300 and receives ¥500 allowance per day until he begins working at the Harbour later in the game, where money is earned according to how well the player performs.

(MISSABLE) "Collect 25 Capsule Toys"

Purchase twenty-five capsule toys from capsule toy machines.

(MISSABLE) "Collect 50 Capsule Toys"

Purchase fifty capsule toys from capsule toy machines.

(MISSABLE) "Play an Arcade Game"

You Arcade in Dobuita is your destination for this Achievement. Referring to the map below, simply head to the yellow dot (depending on which entrance you used to enter Dobuita), enter the arcade, and play any of the arcade games (¥100 per turn) for the Achievement. I recommend Space Harrier as it's just excellent.


(MISSABLE) "Visit Fortune Teller"

Lapis Fortune Teller can be found in Dobuita. Referring to the map below, simply head to the yellow dot (depending on which entrance you used to enter Dobuita), enter the shop, and pay the fortune teller ¥300 for a reading.


(MISSABLE) "Learn 5 Moves"

Please refer to "Learn New Move"

There are seventeen possible moves to learn throughout the course of the game, all of which are detailed in the "Learn New Move" Achievement section, so this shouldn't be a problem.

(MISSABLE) "Teach Fuku-san"

At the beginning of the second day, head to the dojo to trigger a cutscene with Fuku-san who is struggling to execute the move 'Pit Blow', and accept his offer to show him how to pull off the move correctly. The correct input for the move is <-, X

(MISSABLE) "Buy Guy Soda"

Entering Dobuita via the entrance next to Sakuragaoka Park, or heading in the direction of the Dobuita exit near the Liu Barber and Hair Salon, you will occasionally run into Wang-san, the delivery boy for the Ajiichi Chinese Restaurant, staring intently at the vending machine. When the options appear, agree to buy him a drink, choose it for him, and the Achievement is yours.

(UNMISSABLE) "Meet Charlie"

This will unlock after meeting Charlie at the tattoo parlour.

(UNMISSABLE) "Translate Letter"

This will unlock after Xia-san translates the letter written in Chinese for you.

(UNMISSABLE) "Reach Harbour"

This will unlock after arriving at the Harbour for the first time.

(UNMISSABLE) "Break and Enter"

This will unlock after finding a way into Warehouse No. 8.

(UNMISSABLE) "Find Phoenix Mirror"

This will unlock after finding the Phoenix Mirror in the Hazuki Basement.

(MISSABLE) "Find Kitten"

The day after showing the Phoenix Mirror to Master Chen (and provided you have been taking good care of the kitten up to this point), Megumi will inform Ryo that she has gone missing, prompting Ryo to begin a search.

Once the conversation is over, turn around, walk down the steps, and head towards Ryo's house. Upon arriving at the staircase halfway up the hill, the kitten's distant meows can be heard. Head down the staircase, turn right, and head towards the hanging clothes to find the kitten sitting underneath a step.

(MISSABLE) "Take Mirror to Antiques"

The day after finding the Phoenix Mirror, go to Bunkado Antiques for a really neat cutscene with Oishi-san, who will give Ryo some history about the Mirrors.

(UNMISSABLE) "Get a Job"

This will unlock after meeting with Goro and Mai outside Warehouse No. 1 at noon.

(MISSABLE) "Win Forklift Race"

Every morning, before work begins, there will be a three-lap forklift race around the Harbour between Ryo and four other forklift operators. Your opponents don't pose all that much of a threat, but the route itself, which is always the same, can be tricky, especially where objects in the environment are concerned. Be especially careful when turning corners as the forklifts have a tendency to 'stick' if you are too close to the object you are turning towards.

If you are determined to unlock to Achievement on the first work day, simply reload your most recent save if you fail to get first place and try again.

(UNMISSABLE) "Rescue Nozomi"

This will unlock after rescuing Nozomi from the Mad Angels.

(MISSABLE) "Learn From Tom"

The day after rescuing Nozomi from the Mad Angels, Ryo will get off the bus at the Harbour and automatically strike up a conversation with Tom before work, who invites Ryo to join him for lunch at midday. When Ryo arrives, Tom will show him the Tornado Kick and offer to teach it to Ryo.

The correct input is ->, ->, A, A.

The event itself is unmissable, but the Achievement is technically missable if the player is unable to work out the correct input for the move.

--- From this point on in the game, there will be no more exploration gameplay; the game will, instead, be comprised of FREE Battles, QTEs, and cutscenes ---


This will unlock after conquering the 70 man battle.

(UNMISSABLE) "Beat Chai Harbour"

This will unlock after knocking Chai into the sea following the final QTE sequence.


This will unlock after the credits.