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Re: Blog: What if Shenmue was exclusive to XBox One

Postby Raithos » Thu Dec 05, 2013 1:47 pm

Let's Get Sweaty wrote: I'm not missing or ignoring anything, I just don't believe those points are relevant to the situation. You're comparing Xbox exclusivity against other (equally) hypothetical scenarios like Playstation exclusivity or a multiformat release. I'm comparing Xbox exclusivity against the actual current scenario of no release at all. And given that direct choice, I see no legitimate reason not to proceed with an Xbox deal if Microsoft were interested.

First, I never said they should NOT do a deal with Microsoft if it was offered. I gave reasons why it would be the worst option vs SONY if they were both on the table. My personal preference would be on another platform and I gave my reasons for that. But that was just that, personal preference. My first reply stated I would be buying another Xbox for it. So you are in fact missing/ignoring things I've said.

Second, how are my points not relevant to the situation? Everything I said was relevant, some of which was already mentioned in one way or another by others. This topic is about our thoughts of it going to Xbox One so I gave them, along with my reasoning. From the very first reply people have done the same thing I did. You have made it clear you don't care what it comes out on, to say the points I brought up aren't relevant is absurd. The thread isn't "SIII on Xbox One or not at all?" This topic would not exist if that were the case.

Who Really Cares? wrote:You realize that even without the deal Shenmue II on the Dreamcast would have been in Japanese rather than English. You could have also imported the pal version if you wanted to play it that much.

I did, I got it about two weeks after release from like I did all my others PAL/JAP copies of SI/II. I just prefer to have US copies in my collection. So the only way to have a US version of the game was on Xbox, we didn't get in on DC like everyone else did. Sorry for the confusion when I say in English.
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Re: Blog: What if Shenmue was exclusive to XBox One

Postby Let's Get Sweaty » Thu Dec 05, 2013 2:00 pm

Okay, fine.
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