Shenmue III Kickstarter marketing needs some work

(Chapter 7 and beyond)

Re: Shenmue III Kickstarter marketing is fucking terrible.

Postby Shenmuehua » Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:57 pm

Copied from E3 announcement thread.

Please don t get so worked up people. Calm down.

We have to think of where we re coming from. 2 weeks ago there was no Shenmue III.

I agree the campaign could be better with its communication and other things.


- It is the beginning and we don t know what they planned for the future of the kickstarter.

- Please send in private message (or not but it is better) your worries, ideas, etc...

- We need to be together in this and HELP in any way we can. To be constructive.

- Yu Suzuki and his team should have had a pretty busy timetable for the last 3 days. After they come back, be sure they won t be spoiled withbullshits and 100% focused on Shenmue III with videos, informations, interviews etc...

Don t get me wrong, I m not a blindy optimistic person but shit happens they are aware of what could have been better and that better than us and will think of it and improve if they need to.

With YOUR HELP it will be 110% better.

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Re: Shenmue III Kickstarter marketing is fucking terrible.

Postby mjq jazz bar » Fri Jun 19, 2015 3:05 pm

ello to Everyone around the World!
The Shenmue Carnival is in full swing now! Invite your friends to the party and keep sharing the news. Shout it from the streets to the mountains that Shenmue is back!

Today we have an interview from the main programmer of the Shenmue series, Tak Hirai. He was a key member of the team that made the series what it was, and his experience and familiarity with the code from the original series will be an invaluable resource in helping bringing back the world we all know and love. Give a big round of applause for Tak as he talks about the trials and tribulations of programming for Shenmue 1 and 2, and expresses his hopes for where Shenmue 3 will be headed.
Hirai-san hard at work

Later on Today

Suzuki-san will be on Reddit today, so please join him and give him your support to celebrate this momentous occasion! The Reddit AMA will start around 9:30 pm and the link will be posted here on the Update page.
See you there!

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Re: Shenmue III Kickstarter marketing is fucking terrible.

Postby Himuro » Fri Jun 19, 2015 3:10 pm

Thank goodness.
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Re: Shenmue III Kickstarter marketing is fucking terrible.

Postby sand4fish » Fri Jun 19, 2015 3:21 pm

Sonoshee wrote: How is the the Kickstarter campaign able to create items (such as the $3000 jackets) to give to pledges if they have no money themselves? I think there is more backing than we think, but it's really a case of being patient until they actually tell us the overall budget. We probably won't hear anything until into August after the KS has finished. We all need to calm down a bit and stop getting all worked up. We've been patient for 15 years, I think we can be a little longer.

No items were created. The rewards are yet to be set into production (estimate delivery 2017). But I do agree with you that we have to tone down the negativity, as panic will turn off potential pledgers (members of this forum and guests).

Himuro wrote: I made the thread.

Maybe you should consider modifying the title of this topic. I agree with you with a lot of your points, and I can see you pouring your passion into the cause but we have to keep ourselves level headed here. If we fans do not believe this campaign will work out in the end, the doubters out there sure won't.

Think about this. The marketing and Kickstarter team sure is not the best out there (I even bitched about it), but they do have redeeming qualities. They have a comment section which ACTUALLY listen to the fans, as they have been modifying the campaign page almost daily (ie Inclusion of more stretch goals and more reward tiers). And on the plus side, Yu Suzuki is going to answer to us live on Reddit in the end, even if the timing is not the most convenient to everyone.

So we would be better off holding on to the criticisms for the appropriate moment (as in the Kickstarter comment section of the Kickstarter and the Reddit tonight). In the end maybe we should all think of this entire thing as "PERFECTION IN PROGRESS", just like the Shenmue games!

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