SEGA TGS 2015 Teaser Website / Lineup

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Re: SEGA TGS 2015 Teaser Website / Lineup

Postby Zoltor » Fri Sep 11, 2015 5:53 am

OL wrote:
Zoltor wrote:Um, since in what god damn era, has any friggen Japanese company even try to understand the non-Japanese market, let alone Sega of all companies(they're byfar the worst company when it comes to not knowing a god damn thing about any market outside of Japan).

And when has any Western company ever bothered to try appealing more to the Japanese market?
It kind of goes both ways.
Actually, I'd say the Japanese do more on a regular basis to try to get into the western market. It's not that rare to find Japanese devs trying their hands at more Western-style genres, as Riku pointed out. I've seen plenty of Japanese-made cover shooters and FPS's.
On the flip side of that, do mainstream Western devs ever delve into visual novels or Monster Hunter-style games (two huge genres in Japan)?
Not quite so much.

There's a big difference, the western markets don't really try to sell their stuff in Japan, in the first make. The Japanese companies try selling their stuff outside of Japan, but then then a product fails because of bad marketing or no advertising, those morns blame the product/market for not wanting X product, for bad sales.

Or worse, they do something like what was done to Sakura Wars, "westernize it", we don't want that shit, if we wanted crappy westernized games, we wouldn't be Importing your games, and making translation patches, to patch roms of X game.

It's even worse in the anime industry, English is the god damn "official" 2nd language of Japan, yet they never have a subtitle option(which costs next to nothing to do).

I guess Japanese love taking a back seat to the Chinese, because they have been offering a subtitle option for nearly everything since DvDs came into existence.

As far as most Japanese are aware of, Japan is the only place in the entire world sigh(the rest of the world is nothing but ocean or a endless wasteland), which really sucks for any Japanese business wanting to make "real" money, because unlike Japan, the other regions actually have fan scenes, they know what PCs are, games can stay at normal retail prices for longer then a month, ect.
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Re: SEGA TGS 2015 Teaser Website / Lineup

Postby Monkei » Fri Sep 11, 2015 9:20 am

Kiske wrote:To be honest, I mostly care about Sony and third-party Japanese developers conference because of my crazy hopes in some Shenmue related annoucement... :oops:

Same here! That's actually the only reason I've been keeping an eye on this SEGA lineup crap. :D

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